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Interesting Facts

New product from Innovus Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Sun, 06 Aug 2017 11:30:57 +0000

For the new product Vesele  of a pharmaceutical company Innovus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Innovus Pharma) produced to treat erectile dysfunction in men,  it was started a clinical and pre-clinial survey to evaluate it’s efficacy and safety. This product should be used as a suplement to sildenafil that is known and sold in USA as Viagra by Pfizer, Inc.

Vesele is new oral dietary supplement.  Vesele is a patented formula of L-Arginine and L-Citrulline with the natural absorption enhancer Bioperine. Vesele was created to increase blood flow and nitric oxide production to maximize the effect on sexual function and brain health.

Innovus Pharma has already made a human clinical research evaluate the effect of Vesele on men with erectile dysfunction.  Experimental group used Vesele twice a day for up to four months and achieved the following results: :

- 49.5% increase in erection hardness;

- 44.5% increase in erection maintenance;

- 34.6% increase in desire for sexual activity;

- 34.1% increase in the ability to satisfy the partner.

The survey is made to study the effect of supplementing use of Vesele and sildenafil in men diagnosed with erectile dysfunction.  The treatment regimen is the following: take Vesele twice daily and sildenafil 100 mg once weekly for four weeks. The safety of this treatment will be avaluated by the number of physical  tests, clinical lab tests, interactions with other drugs also will be studied.

According  to the words of Dr Bassam Dama,j Innovus CEO,  due to the positive results obtained on the erection hardness and maintenance in the clinical use survey with Vesele and the complimentary mechanism of action of Vesele on nitric oxide and blood flow, they believe that  it is only natural to evaluate the effects of the combination of both products on erectile dysfunction endpoints.


INNOVUS Pharma, headquartered in San Diego, is a developing commercial pharmaceutical company specializing in the production of non-prescription drugs and health products for men’s and women’s health and respiratory diseases.

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